Adding name tags for clothes makes it easier to identify them and to organize them in the wardrobe. You can find several designers of tags and labels on the internet today. They help you give interesting tags for your garments. You can also give them your own design and customize a tag according to your taste.

Ordering tags

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to order a name tag. Instead of driving all the way to the store, you can contact them online and give them your specifications for design, color, and content of the tag. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades available online. Designers also offer various batch sizes. You can give bulk orders too.

Online tag designers usually ask for basic contact information from you, such as name, your contact number, and email address. You should be accurate while providing such details to avoid misplacing of your order. Commercial users can even register with the website for hassle-free future dealings.

Reputable designers ensure timely delivery of their clients’ orders and excellence in product making. You can expect a fine job here.

Iron tags

A large number of business prefer iron name tags for clothes. You place the tag on the garment; you place a protective film on it; you glide hot iron on it. The tag sticks to the fabric. The protective film prevents damage to the tag’s delicate fabric from the heat of the iron. You can use a baking paper as protective film.

Remember, you must place the garment on a table to avoid formation of creases that may hinder effective sticking of the tag. Set the iron on the “cotton” setting and switch off the steam function of the appliance. Once the iron is hot enough, just place it on top of the sheet directly over the tag for 10-20 seconds and glide off. Wait for 30 seconds and then check whether the tag is attached to the garment firmly. If not, repeat the process. Let the tag cool off before you fold the garment and tuck it away in the wardrobe.

Name labels for kids

These are important, as kids tend to misplace their belongings in parks and schools. You can get labels for their bags and other stuff. This makes it easier for your kid to identify his or her belongings. In case they are lost, you can notify the authorities by giving them a description of the item and the label.

Labels for school uniforms prevent them from mixing up with others in the laundry. Uniforms are, well, as the name suggests uniform in design and color. So, they could do pretty well with a label on them to distinguish them from each other.

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